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Are you a professional with vital work skills and experience but are not satisfied with the career progress you are making?  Do you feel you work very hard to support your family but a large chunk of your income goes to income tax (yet you do not see visible return in social services)? Are you concerned about the quality of health care and education your young family can access?

Would you consider immigrating to Canada to set yourself up there with your entire family?

Here is your opportunity.

 In 2017, Canada will welcome record numbers of young professionals in its Express Entry program. This is an initiative started a couple years ago to ensure young professionals with key skills can be quickly selected and invited to become permanent residents of Canada. The entire selection, application and approval procedure may take just 6 months to complete.

 What do you need to qualify to apply?

  • University education, preferably at bachelor’s or Masters degree level
  • English language proficiency
  • Income to support you through the first months as you set yourself up in Canada

 At Overseas Educational Services, we shall work with you to assess your eligibility to apply for the Express Entry program, to prepare an Express Entry Profile that will enable you rank highly and earn an invitation to apply to immigrate to Canada. We offer the assistance you need to establish which immigration stream is best suited to your professional circumstances, how to obtain credential validation, completing language assessments and compiling the portfolio of evidence required for your permanent residence application.

 An invitation to apply for permanent residence almost guarantees that you will be granted a visa you need to immigrate with your entire family to settle in Canada.

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Express Entry to Canada for skilled professionals

Overseas Educational Services has been placing students into universities abroad since 2000. Scores of ambitious students have passed through our doors and testimonies of some of them can be found on this site. 


At Overseas Educational Services, we will assist you select and apply to join a renowned university of choice. You will receive career guidance from professionals.

Upon admission we also help you find accommodation within or close to the university you are to attend.

You also can count on us for reliable visa application guidance.

Contact us now for study abroad advisory services.

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